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Find the best Eyelash Extensions in your local area with Click4Quotes™. Compare eyelash extension professionals and get the best price for a new set of glamour lashes. The world of glamour is now accessible to all with the popular rise of eyelash extensions. Celebrities all over the world have used false lashes for years to accentuate their eyes and now you can to with a glamour set of semi permanent eyelash extensions.

Wink wink nudge nudge the saying goes, but how much better does it look when the person doing the winking has a beautiful set of long lashes. Once upon a time we had to be grateful for what we were given when it comes to beauty. But with eyelash extensions you too can look like a movie start and be the one doing the winking.

Click4Quotes™ lets you quickly and easily find local eyelash extensions salons and therapists that service your area. Some eyelash extension therapists work from home or do mobile lash extensions whereas others will work from a beauty salon or local hairdesssers. Regardless where you go to get your eyelash extensions make sure your therapist is properly trained.

Karen from Lash Haven Eyelash Extensions Sydney says" I have been doing eyelash extensions for over 12 years and I cannot beleive the drop in standard of eyelash extension training. Some of these training courses teach their students how to apply lashes in a 4 hour course and then off they go to set up their own eyelash extension business"

Use Click4Quotes™ to find and compare local eyelash extensions and find a qualified and experienced therapist near you. Make sure you ask to see before and after pictures to get an idea of how good each technician actually is. Also ask what type of eyelash extension glue they use as some glues can cause irritation to the eyes.

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