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Termites left untreated can eat away at the timber flooring and weatherboard and internal walls of a home and can pose a threat to the long term stability and structure. Buying a new home is a massive investment so for the sake of a few hunrded dollars for a termite pest inspection or termite treatment you could save yourself hundreds of thousands.

Termites are also known as white ants and they are found all throughout Australia. In some regions they are more prominent than others but on the whole should never be left to do their damage.

Termites have caused huge amounts of damage all over Australia and it has been estimated estimated that the annual cost of repair of damage to properties caused by termites is around $780 million per annum. When you think about the cost of a termite inspection or termite treatment it makes sense to spend a few dollars on prevention rather than deal with the high cost of fixing and repairing the damage caused once it is done.

A typcial termites company will help with

  • Pre construction termite protection for all property types
  • Termite treatments for residential and commercial properties
  • Termite inspections
  • Termite prevention barriers
  • Identifying of causes of termite infestations
  • Pre purchase termite pest inspection reports